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08th Dec 2015

Why souping is the new juicing (and three recipes that will convince you)

Katie Mythen-Lynch

If you hopped aboard the juice craze this summer, you might be finding your daily blends, while delicious and packed with vitamins, lack the necessary ‘oomph’ to see you through a frosty day now that winter has arrived. 

A citrus fruit hit is great, but when the days are dull, our tummies cry out for something filling, savoury and nutrient dense: and that’s where homemade soups are starting to take over.

That could be why trendy stores like LA’s swanky Soupure are attracting celebrity clientele by the ladle-load (hello Gwyneth Paltrow) and offering blends designed to help boost nutrition, shift excess pounds, make the skin glow and help shake off winter colds and ‘Flu.


Studies show that, compared to eating a normal meal, soup fills you up faster and for longer. It’s also a great way to get as many vegetables, grains and pulses into your diet as possible, adding a helping of protein here and there to keep energy levels up and stop you from snacking in the afternoon.

Speaking to Yoga Journal, Jennifer Iserloh, aka the “Skinny Chef,” explained how ancient Indian Ayurvedic tradition could support the switch from juices to soups during winter:

“According to Ayurveda, warm purees and soups are also a boon for digestion, since they stoke the ‘agni’ or fire of your digestive system, unlike cold drinks that can ‘extinguish’ the potency of your digestion and even give you cramps,”

So where to start? If you have a Nutribullet then use that, but if not, a plain old stick blender will do. A few tupperware containers or sturdy jars will make your tasty creations portable so you can take them to work or store them in the fridge for the week ahead.


RECIPES: Try this tasty broth, this low calorie superfood blend or a chunky spiralized soup to start, then simply create your own versions, working with whatever’s in your fridge.

For flavour add: A dollop of fat free yogurt, a sprinkle of fresh coriander, a shake of cayenne pepper, toasted pine nuts

For protein add: Cooked quinoa, a can of chickpeas, cooked lentils, cooked chicken (shredded or cubed)

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