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30th Mar 2016

You Need To Show This To All The Sugar Junkies In Your Life

Sharyn Hayden

This. Is. Gross.

And I say that as a confirmed sugar junkie. You will recognise me from such sugary behavioural problems as shoving handfuls of chocolate Maltesers into my mouth, one after the other, over an eight-minute period until the entire super-sized bag has disappeared.

And particularly, I’d be loathe to share them, even with the kids.

I also have, on occasion, foregone an actual meal in lieu of a chocolate delight or cake, declaring myself ‘Way too full!’ to eat something nutritionally decent.

Last weekend for Easter? Full on sugar binge. Like, managed to turn that one day, Easter Sunday, into an entire week-long event of hyperactive sugar injestion which has now left me feeling the post-sugar-junkie guilts.

Typically, in my ‘I’ll never chocolate again!’ state this morning, I have happened across this video online, which makes me feel even worse!

I mean, chocolate has obvious sugar content but juicy water?! Can’t. Even. Cope.

I’m now off to A) brush my teeth, B) set this to repeat on my phone every morning and C) show my kids so that they don’t enter into Sugar Junkie Mode just like their mammy.

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