Greece is the word: 13 beautiful Greek baby names we want to steal 3 years ago

Greece is the word: 13 beautiful Greek baby names we want to steal

Theirs is the civilization that was so advanced they were discussing philosophy and having democratically run cities while the rest of us were still living in caves. 

And never mind just their rich history and significant contributions to anything from medicine, to politics and how the running of the modern world was shaped at large, the Greeks also knew how to come up with baby names so beautiful we totally want to steal them for our own kids.

Don't believe us? Get ready to swoon!

1. Calix

This gorgeous boy name means "handsome" in Greek (and also has that trendy 'X' ending we are all loving these days!)

2. Jace

This name is said to mean "healer" and is a beautiful choice for you little guy.

3. Halia

Beautiful name for little girls that translates to "The Sun" in Greek. Perfect for your little ray of sunshine, no?


4. Kaia

Sometimes, this name can also be spelled "Gaia" and means "earth."

5.  Mateo

The name Mateo (or Matheo as it can also be spelled) is an old Greek name that has become very popular in Scandinavia in the last few years. In Greek, it means "Devoted to God."

6. Nicos

A strong-sounding moniker meaning "the people's victory."

7. Aria

Names ending in the letter "a" are insanely popular, but as of yet there are still not that many Arias around, we think. Also, the name means "melody," which is all sorts of sweet.


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8. Elie

Similar to the much more popular "Ellie," but we love this spelling even more. In Greek, this name means "mercy."

9. Sander

Meaning "protector," we think Sander will make a solid choice for a big brother, maybe? Can also be spelled "Xander."

10. Theo

A beautiful (and already growing in popularity) name meaning "divine gift" in Greek.

11. Melani

Melani means "dark" in Greek, and might be the perfect choice for any raven-haired little princess.

12. Calista

Never mind the celebrity factor (as in actress Calista Flockhart), in Greek, Calista actually means "the most beautiful" meaning it will obviously make a lovely choice for your gorgeous little lady.

13. Ezio

Ezio means "eagle" in Greek and fits in perfectly with the trend of nature-inspired baby names.

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