I completely ditched foundation - and these 3 products helped me do it 1 year ago

I completely ditched foundation - and these 3 products helped me do it

All the glow!

I don't know about you, but I have been thoroughly enjoying a very paired-back beauty routine over the past year. In fact, apart from a lick of mascara to my lashes, I have pretty much not had any makeup on since mid-March last year, instead opting to let my skin breathe and treat it to some ultra-nourishing skincare by my favourite clean beauty brands.

And now, not only does my skin feel better, it feels less dry, less sensitive – but it also looks better – even when completely devoid of any concealer or foundation. There is a natural rosy glow to my complexion, which I credit to both good skincare products, but also the overall healthier living I have been doing during the lockdown, from getting to bed earlier to so many walks with my children through our local parks and neighbourhood. As well as this, I know we have been eating healthier too, with lots of fresh juices and smoothies, wholesome plant-based dinners and lots of homemade, healthy snacks.

All in all, this lockdown routine has resulted in my skin looking better than it ever has.

And much as the sunshine, and fresh air and early bedtimes have helped, I also feel certain these three products had something to do with it:

1. Ere Perez Morning All-Beauty Cream

This multi-tasking all-round cream from Ere Perez has a light, soothing texture that deeply moisturises and boosts radiance. It contains a unique combination of nutritious ingredients that calm skin and combat dryness, dullness and sensitivity. It leaves a satin, luminous finish and can be applied on bare skin or under makeup.

€36, The Clean Beauty Edit


2. Rudolph Care Mist Delight

Mist Delight – Refreshing and Hydrating Facial Toner is an extraordinarily gentle facial mist that refreshes your skin with lots of moisture. I love using it when I am sitting in front of mu computer or taking part in yet another Zoom activity.

The mist creates an immediate sensation of energy and freshness for the skin when it feels tired and dry, and Mist Delight is also ideal for sensitive skin – or to cool down skin that has been in the sun.

€42, Rudolph Care

3. Trilogy Hydrating Jelly Mask

Hydrating Jelly Mask is basically a glass of water for your face. This certified natural hydrating face mask works to restore radiance and suppleness to all skin types, with its cooling formula helping to infuse hydration and nourishment to rejuvenate and plump the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Among the first of its kind in natural beauty, this cooling gel textured mask infuses skin with powerfully natural hyaluronic acid to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, rosehip oil and manuka honey to deeply nourish, and aloe vera and New Zealand kawakawa to refresh

€23.95, Meagher's Pharmacy