Everyone's Talking About Olaplex: The Holy Grail For Bottle Blondes 2 years ago

Everyone's Talking About Olaplex: The Holy Grail For Bottle Blondes

It started as a murmur, an invention spoken about only in hushed tones, by scientists.

Then the world's leading hair colourists got wind of it, and before we knew what was going on, someone had used it on Kim Kardashian's rich dark locks to turn them platinum blonde... without damaging a strand.

I'm talking, of course, about Olaplex; the hottest thing to happen to blondes since they replaced the highlighting cap and crochet needle with mesh and foil wraps. It's the secret formula that can be added to bleach and colour to leave your hair in better condition after your colour than it was before.

In case you're wondering, this is much more than a conditioning treatment. In fact, it's pointedly not a conditioning treatment at all. Rather than trying to repair the damage caused by bleach, the geniuses behind Olaplex discovered a way to stop it from happening in the first place.
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Here's the science bit: Olaplex is a bond multiplier containing Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, which repairs the bonds inside the structure of the hair that tend to be worst hit by heat styling and colouring.

On blondes, the clever formula can be added to the dye so the hair is treated while you wait for your normal colour to develop.

The idea of being able to colour hair to any shade without damaging it has dedicated hair stylists excited to the point of combustion. The possibilities are endless: one could reasonably go from brunette to blonde to pastel in a weekend, and back again; you can lighten all you like without frazzling your lengths.

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I swear my hairdresser actually started to tear up as he recounted the incredible benefits of this stuff at my consultation.

Now it's hitting limited salons in Ireland, the buzz is reaching fever pitch.... make an appointment fast. At a cost of €25 on top of my normal colour service, my balayage-blitzed barnet and I were first in the chair and I can attest: the difference this stuff makes is quite remarkable.

I took the plunge and went lighter and brighter, a decision that would normally leave my hair brittle and dry. This time however the effect was noticeable from the moment the colour was washed out. My hair felt softer and the tangles combed through faster without much breakage.

The verdict? This is the real deal. Two weeks later my hair is shiny and strong, despite the hammering it took at the hands of my colourist.

Olaplex, you had me at 'ola.

Salons using Olaplex include: DUBLINDavey & Davey, Preen, LIMERICK: Bellissimo, CORK: Origin, Wayne Lloyd Hair. Check with your local salon for details.