The Sky's The Limit: New audiobook told by Monster Hunter's 'Grandad' now available for free 2 years ago

The Sky's The Limit: New audiobook told by Monster Hunter's 'Grandad' now available for free

A grand shout if you're looking for a new bedtime story for the kids.

A new glorious tale has just been made available on audiobook for free.

The Sky's The Limit, an adorable story narrated by the beloved 'Grandad' from Three's Monster Hunter ad, is a monster packed tale following a group of boys and girls who find that their everyday world has been disrupted by some strange events and even stranger characters.

The children must band together to do their best to help return their world to normal - or the new normal, as it is now known.

Originally told as part of an online interactive story time event for Three Ireland, the exciting story is now available to listen to for free - no matter where you are in the country.

Not a bad shout if you're running out of bedtime tales.


The Sky's The Limit's storybook cover was designed by Irish illustrator Sarah Cunningham and last week's online family event was hosted by Cliona Ní Choistáin.

The interactive event saw over 70 families tune in to listen to the story for the first time. And now, everyone else can listen to. You love to see it.

“We are delighted to make ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ story available as an audiobook across all our favourite streaming platforms," said Aislinn O’Connor, Director of Marketing, Three Ireland.

"'Grandad' has become such a popular figure since our Monster Hunter TV ad aired during lockdown, it was amazing to see so many families across the country join him for our live interactive story time and we hope that many more will be able to enjoy this uplifting story.

"The past six months have been tough for everyone. At Three, we understand the importance of staying connected, especially in times like these and through our offers and this audiobook we hope we can help make life a little easier for our customers and their families.”

You can listen to The Sky's The Limit on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.