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31st Aug 2020

69% of college students are nervous about returning to third level education

Melissa Carton

Do you have a child starting or returning to college?

2020 has been a challenging and uncertain time for all. But especially for Irish students. With schools and colleges closed for over 5 months, it’s only natural that the new academic year will be a daunting one.

Exit Entry recently conducted a survey among third-level students in the run up the new college term and found that most students are concerned about returning to college.


The research revealed that 69 per cent of respondents are nervous about starting or returning to their studies.

When queried on their main worries, 61 per cent were worried about Covid-19, 20 per cent were worried about their accommodation needs, while 20 per cent were worried about paying their college fees.

The research also found that a substantial 77 per cent of third-level students continue to worry about money during the college year while 45 per cent of students noted that finding accommodation and paying rent is the main stress for them.

A staggering 76 per cent think that their college experience will be affected long-term by Covid-19 and the new restrictions while 83 per cent are unsure if they will engage in usual student activities such as clubs, societies and sports.

The social aspect of college is a huge part of the whole college experience so I can completely understand the concerns of students worried that they’ll miss out or are too worried for their health to join social groups.

In a positive discovery, the survey highlighted that 81 per cent of respondents do talk about their future aspirations with friends which some of the most mentioned careers being doctors, nurses, veterinarians, teachers, Gardaí and solicitors.