Would you buy? A 'child-friendly' smartphone has been launched in time for Christmas 2 years ago

Would you buy? A 'child-friendly' smartphone has been launched in time for Christmas

Planning to buy your child their first smartphone?

HMD Global Nokia Phones have teamed up with the iKydz phone app to offer parents a safe smartphone for their children this Christmas.

Thanks to this partnership parents will have the opportunity to trial iKydz Mobile free of charge for 3 months with the Nokia 1 and Nokia 2.1 smartphones.

Smartphones are one of the most requested items by children every year in the run up to Christmas but for parents it can be stressful to know which one to buy.

You have to weigh up value for money as well as how safe they will be for your child to use.

Even my six year old has begun asking for a phone because he has become addicted to the games on his dad's phone and while they can be great for a child to have incase they get lost, having access to the internet and cyber bullying can be big concerns for parents.


The iKydz Mobile gives parents total control of their child’s device when they are connected to the internet and is a fantastic way to make sure your child stays safe.

The phone app allows parents to apply age-based restrictions, schedule online access, monitor how long their child has spent online, see what they’ve been viewing, filter different types of content, block unsuitable websites and apps, or shut off internet access completely.

Paired with the Nokia 1 and the Nokia 2.1 (which are both less than €129) this is not only affordable but one of the safest phone options for young children.

The offer is exclusive to Carphone Warehouse and is available from November 8 in stores nationwide.