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Big Kids

17th Jan 2018

This baby’s tantrum had a very unlikely and hilarious outcome

Oh my god.

Jade Hayden


Ah, god.

Lots of things happen when babies have tantrums.

They cry. They get stressed out. You get annoyed, probably.

Whether it’s over food or sleep or not getting to see their favourite dog on their way to the shop, toddlers’ll have tantrums about anything.

When they do, though, it’s generally a rarity that they end up imprinting their faces on a pillow, capturing the tantrum at its peak.

This little girl, however, did.

No, really. She did.

Now, we’re not entirely certain what actually went down here but we can hazard a guess.

Baby was crying about something or other.

Baby somehow managed to press her face into some talc.

Baby emerged from the talc and got even more upset.

Baby pressed her face into a pillow to muffle her earth-shattering screams.

Baby accidentally captures her tantrum face.


The images were posted by the child’s mum, Pleng Pimpakan, who captioned the post: “I cried. I fell in front of my pillow. Haha.”

Her photos have already been shared over 22,000 times and people are wasting no time having the absolute lol at the talc tantrum face.

Poor kid.