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15th Jul 2021

Back to school costs are setting Irish parents back €1,500 per child

Kat O'Connor

Parents believe schools need to do more to decrease the costs.

The cost of sending children to school has increased again, a new study has found.

Sending your child to secondary school is almost costing parents a whopping €1500, which has increased by €24 since last year.

The average family is spending €1,491 on back-to-school costs for secondary school pupils.

Irish League of Credit Unions confirmed that parents with children in primary school are almost spending €1200 per child.

The average family is spending €63 more on primary school costs, with the average family spending the most on books.

schools to run summer programs to make up for school closures

Secondary school books are setting parents back €211 and extracurricular activities are the top cost for primary school parents. They have increased from €167 to €178 in a year.

P.E gear and sports equipment have also increased in price, but 43% of parents admitted they won’t be able to shell out for new gym gear this school year.

The striking figures are causing a great deal of financial stress for parents all around the country. The new survey by the Irish League of Credit Unions stated that at least 63% of parents say back-to-school costs are a burden.


The back-to-school expenses are increasing year after year. Parents are now finding themselves in debt with the majority of parents calling for schools to do more to make it easier for them.

65% believe they should help make the costs more manageable, but most schools (71%) still expect parents to pay a voluntary contribution, despite the fact that the Department of Education has disapproved of the fee.