Big School Time! 4 easy tips for easing your child into their new surroundings 4 years ago

Big School Time! 4 easy tips for easing your child into their new surroundings

The big day is almost here.

So the years are absolutely flying by and it's already time for your little one to go to Big School.

Maybe they're nervous or scared, or maybe they're excited. Whichever they are, there's no use denying that Big School is definitely a jump from Little School.

There are set class times, stricter rules, and the dreaded homework. Not that it's all bad though - many kids form their longest lasting friendships in Primary School. And it's where children change from wanting to be dinosaurs or monkeys when they grow up to wanting to be singers, doctors, or teachers, etc.

Most kids love to learn and Primary School is where you'll really start to see them shine.

That being said, though, they may need a little help to ease into the new routine. Here are a few ways you can help them out.

1. Get them used to the rules

There are definitely more rules in Big School than there were in Preschool.

Before, it would have been acceptable to spend a lot of the day running around the playroom or playground, now the kids will have to sit still (or as still as is humanly possible) for as long as each class lasts.


It's good to let them know about this in advance. You needn't do proper training sessions but maybe if they're used to jumping up from the table as soon as they're finished dinner, get them to wait until you're done.

Also, really push those manners. In Preschool, kids might get away with shouting "I need to go to the bathroom!" but in Primary School all pleases and thank yous will be expected.

2. Have their school supplies ready-to-go

There's nothing better than starting school with a bunch of new school supplies and nothing worse than starting school missing some crucial items.

Make sure you have enough copies for all of your child's classes. Laminate their books because, trust us, they won't last if you don't.

If you really want to go all out, get them a new stationary set with lots of sharp pencils.

Make sure to put names on all the books and copies and any valuable bits of stationary. That way, if other itchy hands try to steal your little one's cool, bendy ruler, the teacher will know who owns what.


3. Make sure their clothes are all sorted

If the new school has a uniform, make sure you have all the various bits ready and labelled.

We know you'll be following the buy-two-sizes-up rule for the first few years so don't worry about it not fitting but try not to have your kid looking like they're drowning in piles of fabric.

If there is no required uniform at the school, make sure everything is clean, labelled, and laid out for the first day.

We can NOT emphasis the importance of labelling clothes. We don't know how kids lose so many things but they do. Don't fight it, just work with it.

4. Teach them about the teacher

In Preschool there was likely a few workers playing with small groups of children. Each child would get a lot of individual attention.

That has to change in Big School. There is only one teacher for a class of about 30. Your child has to learn that there is only one teacher and if they want something, they have to ask nicely and then wait their turn.

Get your kids used to the idea that whatever the teachers says goes. If your child wants to play games but the teachers says it's time for maths there's no room for compromise like there might have been in Preschool.

The transition from Preschool to Primary school is designed to be as easy a transition as possible so there should be very few issues. But it's always good to take those extra steps - your child with thank you for it.

And here's a bonus tip:

If your kid has particularly strict language teachers like I did, consider teaching them to ask to go to the bathroom in Irish and maybe even French.