Father uses black rice trick to get his teenagers to clean their rooms 1 year ago

Father uses black rice trick to get his teenagers to clean their rooms

Parents of teens, take note...

Getting kids and teens to clean their rooms can be quite the task.

As they grow older, they spend more and more time in their bedroom, which often become pits of clothes-strewn floors and empty dishes or snack wrappers.

A lot of the time, parental warnings about the likelihood of attracting mice or bugs go unheeded, and they continue living in mess until the magic cleaning fairies come to give the place a good tidy.

But one dad is being hailed as a genius by the internet for a sneaky trick that ensures his kids will never again live in a pig sty for a room that he has to clean.

In a now-viral Facebook post that showed a photo of black rice, Chad McHunt wrote: "So, I have teenage kids. I'm always arguing with them about not eating in their room, returning dirty dishes to the kitchen.

"I threatened that they're going to end up with a mouse in their room that will brings friends to the house... I got tired of singing the same song and decided to teach them a lesson."

The dad added that he went to a US supermarket chain to add some realism to his threats.


"I went to Whole Foods, purchased some black rice and sprinkled it in their closet, under their bed, I even added a few under their covers," he continued.

"It looks like mice droppings and it scared the s**t out of them. Needless to say, we don't have that room cleaning issue any more."

Credit: Facebook

The post has been shared over 88,000 times, with many parents saying they can't wait to try the hilarious hack for themselves.

"Oh this is too funny. Great idea," one commenter wrote.

Another said: "One way to get your message through," said another.

A third user joked: "Now the rats have black rice to eat...."