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Big Kids

13th Jul 2018

Does your child fancy attending Hogwarts? Now they can right here in Ireland

Melissa Carton

Wingardium Leviosa!

My son is currently in the process of reading the first Harry Potter book and has himself fairly convinced that he’s going to Hogwarts and getting into Gryffindor.

Up until now, I thought he was in for some disappointment, but it seems Hogwarts has come to Ireland with this amazing event!

On July 31, Kildare County Library Service will be hosting a magical Harry Potter themed event for children aged seven and over.

Children attending the event will get to experience what it’s like to be a Hogwarts student with classes in Herbology and Potions.

They’ll also get to try their hand at duelling and learn all about the history of magic.

The event lasts an hour between 4 pm and 5 pm, and will be taking place at Maynooth Community Library (as the muggles would call it), Main street, County Kildare.

Booking in advance is required and there are limited spaces so jump on your Nimbus 2000 and get to it!

You can book a place for your child via email at or by phone at 016285530.

So pull out those house scarves and make sure they have their wands at the ready wizard mums and dads, for what is set to be a bewitching day for all your future Hogwarts pupils.