So clever: M&S ‘Grow-proof’ hems ensure school trousers fit your kids for longer 1 year ago

So clever: M&S ‘Grow-proof’ hems ensure school trousers fit your kids for longer

We hate to say it but back-to-school season is getting closer.

Uniforms, copies, highlighters, and lunchboxes are now replacing swimsuits, sunglasses, and paddling pools.

Before we know it the school run will be part of our daily routine again.

A recent study found that parents are now spending up to €1500 on back-to-school essentials, so it's safe to say parents are slightly dreading the shopping trips that await them.

Luckily, Marks and Spencer are here to help.

The retailer has released a product that will save you stress and money. What more could you ask for!

M&S boy's trousers have grow-proof hems, which means mums won't have to splash out on new trousers if their boys grow during the school year.

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The discovery was made by a member of the Extreme Couponing Facebook Group.

All you need to do is unpick the stitching and you have got an extra 3cm on the hem.

The mum who made the discovery said: "I don't know why it has taken me this long to notice this. I always get M&S school pants too. But how fab is this!

"I've checked the boys' old pants too and they all have them, which is a bit annoying because I bought new ones when they didn't fit, but fantastic for next year!"

This handy tip is bound to make back-to-school shopping way easier than usual.