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Big Kids

27th Sep 2019

College student quizzes mum about what people did before email and it’s gas

Melissa Carton

It’s hard to imagine a world without email, text messages and the internet but it existed and not too long ago.

Now by the time I entered college, the use of email and the internet had been around for a while but growing up in the nineties I still remember a time before it really took off.

Because of this I sometimes forget that the young people heading into college now were all born after the year 2000 and really don’t remember a time before mobile phones and surfing the web.

Recently a mother posted a conversation that she had with her son who has just started college where he is thoroughly confused as to how people made plans or got through the day without technology and it’s hilarious.

The part where he says he doesn’t know what a bulletin board is had me in stitches. Do people really not leave notes anymore?

I wasn’t the only one who thought his responses were hysterical as many commented on Barbara’s original post;

“Bulletin board…Oh my God there’s tears on my eyes I’m dying! Hysterical. You just made my day!!”

“Bwah hahahahah -You know — a cork board with push pins”

To be fair to this kid I had to explain to my eldest recently how regular TV doesn’t work like Netflix and you can’t just tell the TV station what show to play next when he wanted me to put on his favourite show that wasn’t playing.

Have you ever had to explain how things worked before the internet to your kids?