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25th Jan 2020

The free app police are warning parents about over fears it is harmful to children’s mental health

Trine Jensen-Burke

children's mental health

Is your child using this app?

According to Netmums, police in the UK are now warning parents about an app called Doki Doki Literature Club, which is said to be ‘a risk to children’s mental health.’

The app, which is free to download, is essentially a game which features four animated young girls and a boy who all want to join a school literature club.

The game has alternative endings, all based on choices the person playing the game is making, with one of the endings being one of the fictional characters harming themselves.

Last February, a British teenager died and his parents were quick to warn other parents about the game, worried it had played a part in their son’s death.

It is important to point out that an official link between the teen’s death and the game was never established, his dad told Manchester Evening News he believes the ‘dark’ game dragged his son, Ben, in.

“It is hard for parents but this needs to be highlighted,” Ben’s dad explained. “There is no confirmation yet, but we believe that the game could be linked to Ben’s death. Characters suggest things and you decide what to do. It drags you in and they make it very real.”

He explains why he wants to warn other parents.

“Ben did not speak about it, but parents need to be aware of this game and other similar games. It is free to download but once you get into it, it will not leave you alone. The characters befriend and love you and give you tasks to do but if you do not do them, they turn nasty.”

Schools across the UK have also now warned pupils and parents about the game, with one school in Cornwall writing a letter to parents and guardians asking them to check their children don’t have the game downloaded on their phones.