Grab the kids: Under 12s go FREE to Tayto Park this weekend 4 years ago

Grab the kids: Under 12s go FREE to Tayto Park this weekend

In desperate need of some more Mr Tayto in your life?

Aren't we all?

The Large Potato Boy has been spreading his crisp-based joy for decades now, and even though the excitement around him technically should have worn off by now, it hasn't.

There's a whole theme park dedicated to him, lads.

It really hasn't.

And this weekend, kids under the age of 12 go free in Tayto Park - so if you were looking for a reason to hit up the Meath site, now you've got one.

Following Dublin's victory over the weekend, Tayto Park is giving all children who arrive in their club, county or country jersey free entry to the park and zoo this Saturday, September 21 and 22.


A decent enough shout, we think you'll agree.

Whether they're involved in football, swimming, gymnastics, horse-riding or basketball club, Mr Tayto wants kids from all around the country to wear their club colours.

And get a free ticket to the park, obviously.

The maximum free entry for groups is 30 people though, so if your kid has a lot of mates, you may need to rethink your plans.

Or just split the group in two. Whichever.

Enjoy, yeah?