The HPV vaccine uptake is rising and is now up to 70 percent, HSE confirms 2 months ago

The HPV vaccine uptake is rising and is now up to 70 percent, HSE confirms

"Encouraging and important."

The HSE confirmed earlier this week that the uptake rate for the (Human papillomavirus) HPV vaccine now stands at 70 percent, as the Heath Service Executive's vaccination teams now return to secondary schools across the country to administer the second dose to first year girls.

This figure is an increase of 20 percent in just over two years, reports The Irish Examiner, and basically means that seven out of ten first year girls have received the first dose of the vaccine and are due the next dose.

Head of the HSE National Immunisation Office, Dr Lucy Jessop said it was encouraging and important that Ireland achieved such an increase in a relatively short amount of time:

"It has been well articulated in recent months that eliminating cervical cancer is now an achievable goal, nationally and internationally, Jesspo said of the increase in vaccine uptake.

"If we continue on this path and continue to increase our uptake rates, we can look forward to future generations living in a world where this cancer is eradicated.”

HPV advocate Laura Brennan said she was "thrilled people are listening – listening to the reality of what life with cervical cancer is really like and finding out for themselves that this vaccine is safe and effective and along with cervical screening".

Health Minister Simon Harris was also happy about the increasing figures, saying: "Despite significant challenges including the spread of dangerous anti-vaccination myths, these figures show women are continuing to get vaccinated.

"As Laura has strongly articulated, vaccination saves lives. I want to commend the HSE, Laura and other strong voices for continuing to show such exemplary leadership."