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Big Kids

21st Aug 2019

An important message that all parents should show their kids heading back to school

Melissa Carton

parents lose control

The start of the school year is upon us once more.

With it comes the usual parental worries about getting their school uniform ready, making sure they remember to bring their lunch and that they don’t forget their pencil case.

For some parents, though there is the worry that our child might be left out or that they will be too shy to ask to join in.

It’s a worry I’ve often had about my children because I know all too well what it felt like being the shy kid in school. I would get so anxious when it came to approaching other children convinced that they would tell me to go away or laugh at me if I asked to play with them.

Social anxiety is a real problem for some children so before your child heads back to school this September here are some important words you can share with them so that everyone feels included.

Reaching out really can make a huge difference to another child’s life.

While it might appear on the outside that the student sitting on their own in the yard doesn’t want anyone to speak to them often it’s more than they are afraid they will be rejected if they reach out to others.

By simply asking them if they would like to join you and your friends you could help brighten their day and help them realise that they are wanted.