Instagram introduce a feature to help tackle online bullying 2 years ago

Instagram introduce a feature to help tackle online bullying

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, especially amongst teens.

The photo-sharing app took a back seat to Snapchat for some time but it has experienced a resurgence since introducing Insta-stories. As with all social media though, it can be a breeding ground for online bullying.

Realising this, Instagram recently implemented a new feature to help halt online abuse in its tracks.

The new update now automatically removes nasty or offensive comments from accounts. Not only that, but it will also notify Instagram of the repeat offenders.

This function has been available as an opt-in but has now been made a permanent feature of the phone application.


If you're wondering what you have to do to make sure your child has this new feature it couldn't be more simple.

Go to the app store and look up Instagram. If it says 'update' like the image above, click update. If it doesn't say update that means your child already has the most up to date version with the new abuse filter.

It couldn't be more straightforward and will help to keep your child safe from online harassment.

Would you like to see more social media platforms and apps implement anti-bullying features? let us know in the comments below mamas.