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Big Kids

13th Dec 2018

Ireland’s first inflatable theme park has opened just in time for Christmas

Jade Hayden

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

There’s tinsel everywhere. Mulled wine’s on the menu. Ireland’s first inflatable theme park featuring obstacles, slides, and bouncing areas has opened its doors.

Name a happier time, we dare you.

Inflata Zone is the country’s first fully inflatable theme park.

It’s got bouncy slides, it’s got bouncy floors, it’s got bouncy walls, it’s got bouncy obstacle courses and yeah, it’s currently only available for kids aged between four and 12-years-old, but whatever, it’s five tennis courts worth of bouncing fun and we will live vicariously through those kids if we have to.

Or we’ll just bring our own and bounce alongside them and everyone will have a nice time.

The zone opened there recently on Nangor Road Business Park, Dublin 12 and is currently taking bookings for individuals, groups, and parties.

So if you do happen to have a kid who would love a bit of a bounce, you know where to go.

Solid Christmas for all involved.