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19th Sep 2019

Irish mums says her daughter’s school received hoax school shooter messages

Mum finds explicit texts from 10-year-old daughter's classmate on phone

This is just awful.

An Irish mum posted online today to say that children at her daughter’s school have been receiving distressing messages.

Among the messages sent were some threatening a school shooting and it’s absolutely shocking.

The concerned parent wrote on parenting page Mams Ireland to share examples of the awful messages being sent;

“Students in my daughters class received pic of a cartoon penis yesterday, which caused plenty of trouble but then today, they got pic of a gun with the threat of a school shooting emailed to their school ipads.

My impulse is to go get her but the school say there is nothing to worry about and that the Gardaí are dealing with it.

I wonder if this is meant to be some sort of a ‘joke’? Because its not funny at all.”

Mum finds explicit texts from 10-year-old daughter's classmate on phone

Understandably many other parents were shocked and appalled by the horrible messages;

“That’s very frightening for you and your daughter. As a parent I would go take her from the school and until the problem is rectified I wouldn’t be sending her back. Hope whatever it is, is sorted ASAP.”

“Oh my god that’s a scary situation, I would go and take my daughter out till they got it sorted, wouldn’t have her in a school that has been threatened with a shooting.”

With the recent school shootings in the United States, it’s easy to see how messages like this would send parents and children into panic mode and hopefully, this awful ordeal is dealt with soon.