Just half of Irish parents have taught their kids about lighter safety 6 months ago

Just half of Irish parents have taught their kids about lighter safety

Stay safe out there.

Just half of Irish parents have taught their kids about lighter safety.

New research published for this year's National Lighter Safety Day shows that only 53 percent of parents have informed their children about lighter safety.

As well as this, 87 percent of adults are currently unaware of the mandatory Irish and European lighter safety standards. 

So, in order to educate the public more about the importance of lighter safety, BIC has teamed up with Phoenix STS, an Irish fire safety training consultancy, to draw attention to the danger around lighters - especially non-compliant lighter imports in Ireland.

Pocket lighters are found in most homes today, and yet only 50 percent of parents are aware of the child safety feature on pocket lighters.

BIC's study also revealed that just 54 percent of parents have taught their children about lighter safety, despite there being an increased risk of fires in the home at this time of year.

According to the research only 41 percent of parents in Ireland have a fire Home Safety Plan.

“This research clearly highlights the need for lighter safety education, particularly amongst parents," said Paddy McDonnell, CEO of Phoenix STS.

"We would encourage all parents to speak to their children about lighter safety and what to do if they come into contact with a lighter, whether that be inside or outside the home.

"It’s also important for parents to familiarise themselves with the child safety feature on lighters to minimise any potential fire risks.

"We would also remind all families of the importance of having a home fire safety plan and to be extra vigilant at this time of the year.”

BIC's safety tips for a safe Christmas include:

  • Storing lighters out of sight and reach of children, in a secure location.
  • Teaching young children to tell an adult immediately if they find a lighter or matches, and not to touch them
  • Explaining that lighters are dangerous adult tools, and ensuring children know that lighters are not toys. Never use novelty lighters that look like toys or playful objects around children.
  • Never using a lighter if it’s been compromised in any way.
  • Knowing that all lighters are not created equal. BIC pocket lighters meet or exceed International safety standards.