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18th Apr 2018

Katie Holmes shares photo of Suri on her birthday and she looks SO grown up

suri cruise


It’s Suri Cruise’s birthday today and a very happy birthday to her too.

The daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise is 12-years-old, and although Tom no longer has custody of his child due to his infatuation with Scientology, Katie is doing a damn good job of bringing that girl up.

And so, naturally, on Suri’s 12th birthday, Katie decided to share an adorable picture of her daughter.

In it, she’s looking down at the ground and biting her lip with a happy birthday crown on her head.


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She also looks so grown-up too which, yeah OK, makes sense considering she’s basically almost a teenager now.

Oh how the years fly by.

A few days back, Katie shared a photo of herself with some balloons that were probably for whatever celebrations she was planning for Suri.

Happy :)

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The photo just had “Happy” and a smiley face as the caption too so, you know, we’re going to hazard a guess and that that’s what was going on.

Katie and ex-husband Tom Cruise split in 2012 after being married for over five years.

Katie received full custody of Suri.