Keeping the box from your child's Apple AirPods could prevent them being stolen 4 months ago

Keeping the box from your child's Apple AirPods could prevent them being stolen

A popular Christmas present.

Apple AirPods were the must have technology of 2019 with many teens across the country begging their parents to buy them as their Christmas present and this year they are set to be popular again.

Of course with any sort of expensive tech there is always a theft risk so as parents we want to make sure that we can protect our children from this.

One mum shared a tip which could help prevent your child's AirPods from being stolen and it's a simple as keeping the box that they came in.

Rebecca Dowdy shared a story to her Facebook page explaining how her son had his AirPods stolen while he was attending training and how they were able to get them back;


"Last week my sons AirPods were stolen out of his school bag during Athletics. He knew right away who took them or at least he had a pretty good idea. He couldn't go to the office to make a report until 8th period (almost the end of the school day.)

This gave the thief plenty of time to 1) turn off the AirPods, which then disconnected them from my sons phone so that made it impossible to prove they were my sons and made it impossible to track them as well. 2) he (the thief) was also able to change the name of the AirPods to his Own Name by simply connecting them to his phone.

THANKFULLY, my son kept his box from Christmas -A Year Ago- and we were able to run home, grab the box and prove they were in fact, my son's AirPods!!

Moral to my long post... Without that serial # in the box matching the inside of the case, we would Not have had any other way to prove they were his and my child would Not have gotten his AirPods back."

Serial numbers are a great way to trace stolen property as thieves can often alter the appearance of the item they've stolen or in this case change the name on it.

To be honest I don't think I've ever thought to check the serial number on any of my tech or the tech that I've bought for my children but after reading this post I definitely will in future.