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Big Kids

27th Feb 2019

Kerry Katona shares upsetting photos as son Max is attacked by bullies in school

Jade Hayden

“He’s only 10…”

Kerry Katona has shared shocking and upsetting images of her son Max after he was attacked by bullies in school.

The singer and mother-of-four said that she had to come home work early yesterday because her 10-year-old had been beaten up.

She shared some images of Max’s injuries to Instagram this morning, saying that people could say or do whatever they wanted to her, but that bringing her kids into it was unacceptable.

“I will rip heads off!!!!!” she wrote.

“Had to come home from work early yesterday as some little shits in high school did this to my max!!!” Kerry said.

“He’s only 10!!!!!!!!! Do, say what you want about me but when it comes to my kids! I will rip heads off!!!!!!!”

The former Atomic Kitten star included several photos of Max from different angles showing the nasty bruise under his eye.

Other parents were quick to sympathise with Kerry, saying that it was “horrific” what had happened to her son.

“Bloody hell hate bullies!!” said one person. “Kids are so cruel nowadays hope you get to bottom of it x.”

“Absolutely disgraceful,” said another. “I hope karma comes round really quick. I despise bullies he is 10 FFS sending hugs to you and Max and keep your head up your worth a million of them.”

“Hope you find the little shits who did this and get them prosecuted,” said someone else.

It is not yet known what action Kerry will take to stop this from happening again.