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14th Mar 2018

Mum buys Star Wars toy for 12-year-old daughter… but received a sex toy instead

Jade Hayden

There’s honest mixups… and then there’s this.

Ordering online sometimes has its issues.

You can’t be exactly sure when something will arrive, you may end up paying a lot of postage, and you can never be certain that what you’re getting is what you ordered.

That last one is particularly important for what happened to one mum recently.

She decided to order her 12-year-old daughter a Star Wars Funko Pop! toy for a tenner, however when the item arrived, it wasn’t a Star Wars Funko Pop! toy at all.

It was a large jelly dildo.


Not exactly something you’d want to be explaining to your 12-year-old when you’re caught off-guard but, sure look, there’s no time like the present.

The mum, understandably, was not all that impressed.

She took to Amazon’s Facebook page to complain about the mixup…. and she did not hold back.

She wrote:

“So angry right now. Ordered a Star Wars Funko Pop for my 12-year-old daughter which arrived today. Left it for her to open only for her to come downstairs clearly upset saying, ‘I don’t think we ordered this mum.’

“Asked to speak to a supervisor and put on hold for I don’t know how long only to be told they were busy. Wtf? Asked for a call back and still waiting four hours later.

“Shame on you Amazon. This needs to be dealt with. Not swept under the carpet like you are clearly trying to do.”

Now, we don’t want to laugh at other people’s misfortune… but this is pretty funny.

Lots of other people clearly thought so too because they took to the Facebook page and started sharing their own complaints… most notably ones saying that they had ordered dildos and received Pop! toys instead.


We don’t know yet whether the mum ever received her Pop! toy, but the jelly dildo in question can no longer be found on Amazon’s website.

A true mystery, if we ever heard one.