This mum reported her daughter's bully to the police 4 years ago

This mum reported her daughter's bully to the police

A mum has reported her daughter's bully to the police.

Joannie Rosevear is a mum from Canada.

She recently penned a Facebook post saying that the bullying her daughter Kianna has been receiving as of late has been so bad that she took it upon herself to report the bully to the police.

Joanne said that her nine-year-old was assaulted by a 14-year-old boy who picked up Kianna, "slammed her on bus floor hitting her head and then drug her down the aisle of the school bus hurting her."

She wrote that:

"... As he was dragging her, she was crying, scared and needed help! The teenage girls who were in the back of the bus started yelling at her, to not be such a stupid f*cking bitch!!! (Also confirmed by many witnesses) She’s 9! I am enraged!!!

"My little girl has had nothing but horrible abusive, bullying situations in school since she was 7."


Joannie then went into detail about some of the other abuse she had experienced growing up.

This ranged from a previous teacher that screamed at their students and called them names and consistent bullying from male student that was larger than Kianna.

Joannie also said that her daughter first started experiencing "full-blown" panic attacks when she was just eight-years-old.

"I am firm believer that children should protect themselves if someone is physically hurting them. BUT what do you do when it’s a small child having to protect herself from grown boys?! It’s not like she can fight back!

"Who’s actually going to protect the innocent children?! Who’s actually going to come up with something effective for our kids?!

"Who’s going to take accountability instead of trying to sluff it off on someone else? When will the bullied be protected properly and the bullies be held accountable?"

The mum said that she reported the 14-year-old to the police.

Her post was shared just after she left the station after reporting the boy's behaviour.