No more mess! One mum's 'fucket buckets' invention is going viral 1 year ago

No more mess! One mum's 'fucket buckets' invention is going viral

Inventive name, if anything.

Are your children messy?

Do they leave their toys in an incredible amount of places including on the floor, the garden, the bathroom and, somehow, the roof?

Do they then refuse to pick up their toys safe in the knowledge that these toys will eventually be picked up by their mum or dad and put back in their place anyway?

Do they then go and play with another toy, thus meaning that more and more toys are then out of their places and scattered around the house?

Of course they do. All kids do.

One mum has gotten absolutely sick of her children doing exactly that though and she's decided to set up a system to try and make them stop - it's called the "fucket bucket" and we need one in our homes ASAP.

Jessica McGinty, who runs the blog Mishmash Moments, has one bucket for each other of her children where she throws the toys they leave around the house when they're finished playing.

If her kids don't take their toys from their bucket and return them before the end of the day, Jessica says that she throws them out... "because fucket if I'm cleaning up."

Preach, girl.

Jessica's image of her "fucket buckets" has been shared over 29,000 times by other parents who also struggle to get their children to clean up after themselves.

We think we'll be investing in a few buckets very soon.