Parents are divided over dad's punishment for 'bully' son 5 years ago

Parents are divided over dad's punishment for 'bully' son

Parents are divided over this dad's punishment for his "bully" son who was told he could not ride the school bus anymore due to his behaviour.

Bryan Thornhill made his 10-year-old son run to school in the rain for one week after he found out that he had been taunting other students.

Thornhill also posted a video of the punishment on Facebook.

It has been viewed over 1.7 million times.

Fox New reports that Thornhill said that his son had to be "held accountable" for his actions.

He also said that his son had been "out of his mind" and that here was an example of "good parenting."

He wrote:

"The energy used up this week has actually gave him great reports at school and it has made him thankful to have a ride to school in the future."


Some people commended Thornhill on his punishment, saying that he had done a good job of disciplining his child.

"Our kids play football in the rain so why not it’s not hurting him at all good job," said one user.

"Good job, but tell him he's on the wrong side of the road," said another.

Others, however, thought that the dad's punishment was too harsh and that he had become the bully in the situation.

"So bully your kid to teach him not to bully lol," wrote one person. "Have you ever looked the kid in the face and had a long conversation with him about why he is acting the way he is acting?"

Thornhill responded and said that yes, he had done this and that his son was learning to work on his "impulsive choices."

He also added that he loves attention which is why he tends to act out.

So, what do you think - harsh or fair?