Popular book series introduces new Dyslexia friendly book for bigger kids 10 months ago

Popular book series introduces new Dyslexia friendly book for bigger kids

The Irish book series is expanding into new audiences.

Emma-Jane Leeson is a children’s author living in Kildare and wrote her first ‘story about Johnny Magory’ 17 years ago for her first daughter.

These stories are all based on the old rhyme “Will I tell you a story about Johnny Magory? Will I begin it, that’s all that’s in it!” which her father used to tell her every night.

The popular series educates children on Irish heritage and wildlife in a fun way and is in the process of becoming a TV animation series.

As the Johnny Magory books grow, Leeson has decided to grow her audience too and has now created Johnny Magory book for older children with dyslexia.


This latest book is printed with Dyslexia friendly font and is suitable for 7 – 11-year-olds and is beautifully illustrated by Sally-Ann Kelly.


Young readers will be able to join Johnny and Lily-May on an adventure they’ll never forget in the first chapter book – Foul Faeries as author Emma-Jane (EJ) Leeson seamlessly blends Irish folklore and heritage.

The pair go through the rabbit hole into the magical wild to celebrate the solstice. Their wildlife friends and their dog Ruairi, who is king in this world, warn them to stay alert to danger.

But when foul faeries kidnap Lily-May will they ever make it back home?

Speaking on the new books Leeson tells us why she went with the more traditional version of faeries from Irish folklore;

“Fairies are kind and pure-hearted mythical creatures whereas the faeries are evil, horrid and terrifying mythical creatures. Fairies are quite mischievous and they play around but are not dangerous whereas faeries are very mischievous and they are often dangerous.”

The new dyslexia friendly Johnny Magory Foul Faeries book is now available from the Johnny Magory website for €8.40.