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24th May 2018

Princess Charlotte had a very important job at the royal wedding

Jade Hayden

princess charlotte wedding

Bless her.

The royal wedding happened over the weekend and while everyone’s eyes were fixed firmly on Meghan Markle for most of the day (and rightly so), the royal kids also garnered a lot of attention.

… Mostly from people online because they were being fairly adorable.

While Prince George was being all sweet and holding hands with a fellow page boy, Princess Charlotte was having the time of her life in her adorable flowergirl dress.

Bless them.

Turns out though that Princess Charlotte had a pretty big job during the royal wedding that we weren’t aware of… mainly because she may have given it to herself.

According to parenting website Cafe Mom, Charlotte was telling the other bridesmaids and page boys how to behave and informing them when they were supposed to do their bit for the wedding.

Bless her.

One royal wedding guest told them that Charlotte was “really sweet.”

“There was one girl who wanted to go and she said, ‘No you can’t go yet. We have to wait until we are asked.’ She was really organised!”

Another guest said that some other children got a little restless, so the royal nanny started bribing them with sweets.

They said:

 “I was sitting right in front of [Maria] and she was bribing the youngest bridesmaid with Peppa Pig and Smarties, which was quite funny.”

We don’t know whether this person meant Percy Pig and simply got confused… or whether this little tidbit of information happened at all.

Sure look.