Research finds that Gen Z believe gaming brings families together 1 month ago

Research finds that Gen Z believe gaming brings families together

Do you think this is accurate?

A little playful competition never hurt anyone—and a new study shows that it may even bring people together.

After learning that 74 per cent of parents play video games with their children at least weekly, the team at GetCenturyLink set out to find how video games may affect family ties between parents and Gen Z gamers.

GetCenturyLink conducted two surveys via Pollfish for this report—one surveyed 1,000 American parents 25 and older and the other surveyed 1,000 Gen Z gamers ages 16–24.

The researchers asked both groups about their gaming habits and how they perceive those habits impact their familial relationships.

Among the findings it was discovered that 33 per cent of Gen Z gamers surveyed said playing video games makes them feel closer to their family and 55 per cent want to make gaming a new family tradition.

It was also found that surprisingly 40 per cent of parents surveyed think gaming helps their children develop important skills like problem solving, decision making, and reaction time.


On top of that 57 per cent of parents surveyed said their family loves game nights, especially around holidays, so we expect a lot of game nights will be happening this December over Christmas.

Other findings in the survey included 15 per cent of Gen Z respondents like playing games with their family because they get to teach them how to play and act as an “expert”.

And out of all the games what was the favourite among families?

Hands down it is Super Smash Bros.

100 per cent of respondents in both surveys play video games with their family members, and both survey groups chose Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as their favorite game to play together.

So what do you think? Do you think a games night would be a good addition in your home?