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09th Jan 2021

RTE Home School Hub is back on TV from next week as homeschooling resumes

RTW Home School Hub

Ah, 2021…

You’ve barely just begun and here we are, back to this mess again.

However, if you are dreading the weeks ahead, having to help your kids out as they switch back to remote learning again, you might be delighted to know that Múinteoir Clíona, Múinteoir Ray, and Múinteoir John are all back on TV from this coming week – and thank goodness for that.

I know my kids loved watching the RTE Home School Hub back in spring, and I am certain it will be a popular return for the show both for kids and adults alike, as we all get to terms with being back to homeschooling again.

Home School Hub first aired in March 2020 to help parents out and it was a hit. Not only could us parents get to enjoy a few minutes of me-time or even get to catch up on work or chores. And all without the guilt of having the kids mindlessly watching TV. At least with this show, you felt like they were actually learning something. I mean – real teachers? It was practically school!

And just like back in spring, teachers, Múinteoir Clíona, Múinteoir Ray, and Múinteoir John, as well as many special guests, will be on hand to keep children engaged,  and help teach them core curriculum in a fun and interesting way.

From Monday, January 11th, Home School Hub will return to Irish screens for two hours every weekday, running from 10am to 12pm.

As well as this, RTÉ will also air the After School Hub programme from 3.20pm until 4.20pm every weekday afternoon.

Announcing the exciting news this week, RTE’s education correspondent Emma O’Kelly tweeted: ‘More good news; RTE’s Home School Hub is back from Monday, 2 hours now, 10-12 daily.

‘After School Hub resumes too, 3.20-4.20.

‘Due to short notice it’ll be a blend of new & existing material.’