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Big Kids

23rd Jan 2021

Struggling to get your tween to talk to you? We found something that might help

Trine Jensen-Burke

talking to tweens

As of yet, my tween (10-year-old) daughter and I are super-duper close.

She comes home from school bursting to tell me about her day and her friends and her life, and I love how open and honest and close our bond is – it very much reflects the relationship I have with my own mum.

However; I am also aware that as she gets older, this may be subject to change, something I am of course hoping will not happen, but just in case; I want to be prepared.

I recently came across a US review of this lovely book, and was delighted to find it is also available to purchase here in Ireland.

Basically a tool to help you and your daughter talk abotu things that might seem a bit difficult or akward or just to share special words or secrets or thoughts, the Just Between Us Journal is the perfect gift to you and your daughter, or to another mum-daughter duo you think would love this.

“Have you ever wondered… What your mom thought the moment you were born? Or where your daughter would go if she could go anywhere in the universe?”

Sounds sweet? It really is. I think this book can serve as the perfect thoughful writing prompt, and pave the way for discussing everything from friends and school to crushes and growing up.

With advice and perspectives from both generations, two lovely ribbon bookmarks (one each for mother and daughter), and appealing illustrations, this deluxe hardcover journal has established itself as a bestselling phenomenon.


Here is what the author of the book had to say:

“So much is happening to girls at this age. And, unfortunately it’s happening so much faster than it used to. Sometimes [my daughter] seems so mature and confident, I forget everything she’s navigating. I’m reminded that she’s still  young girl trying to understand her physical and emotional changes when I read an entry in which she asks about something I know she’d be too embarrassed to say — and absolutely mortified to have to listen to my answer. Writing makes it easier to broach some topics — but I have found once we’ve “talked” on paper, continuing the conversation in person is comfortable.”

And sure look – maybe the idea of using this book to kick-start conversations with your daughter might seem a little odd, but I think I will give it a go for sure – even just to make sure our relationship stays as open and lovely as it is right now. My plan is to get the book as a surprise, bring her out on a special hot chocolate date and then chat about how we will use the book and read the intro together – and I hope she will be as excited to try this sweet journal as I am!