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15th Aug 2018

Tamara Ecclestone criticised for latest gift she bought her daughter, Sofia

Jade Hayden

tamara ecclestone

Oh dear.

Tamara Ecclestone has been criticised for the latest gift she bought her daughter, Sofia.

The model and mum recently purchased a small white puppy named Fluffy for her four-year-old daughter.

She shared a photo of the pair looking extremely adorable on her Instagram a couple of days back.

Honestly, like. How cute.

Some people didn’t seem to think it was too cute though because they think that Tamara has too many dogs as it is.


And, in true Instagram fashion, they took to the comments section of her many posts to tell her so.

“’What about all the other dogs you constantly have someone else look after?!!!!” wrote one person. 

“Disgraceful, it’s not a toy!” said someone else.

This comes after Tamara admitted that she didn’t actually know how many dogs she and Sofia had.

A while back, she said that she thought it might be “nine or ten” but that she wasn’t really sure.

Not an ideal scenario but hey, we don’t know how well those dogs are being looked after – hopefully it’s pretty well, like.

Despite a bit of criticism though, the vast majority of the comments Tamara received were pretty positive with most saying the dog was very adorable and that Sofia looked incredibly happy.