Teacher faces assault charge after dragging boy with autism down hallway 5 months ago

Teacher faces assault charge after dragging boy with autism down hallway

A teacher is facing charges of assault after she was caught on camera dragging a boy with autism down a hallway.

The Kentucky school teacher, named as Trina Abrams, was seen pulling the nine-year-old by his wrists on footage taken inside of the elementary school.

When she asks him if he wants to walk and he says 'no,' Abrams then continues to drag the boy along the ground when he refuses to stand up.

NBC News reports that the teacher has since been "removed from the school."

Superintendent Sherry Horsley said that Child Protective Services and the police had been both been contacted about the footage.

"The Greenup County School District prioritizes the safety of our students," her statement read.

"All GCSD staff are trained to prevent incidents of restraint. Each school has a specially trained team to address immediate issues. In addition, each school has teachers specially trained to address autism related behaviours."

The boy's mother, Angel Nelson, said that she was shocked by the footage as she believed her child would have been safe in school.

Nelson said that her son had been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

"The teacher is the farthest thing you should worry about," she said.

“I worry about him because he does lack speech, and sometimes he can’t express how he’s feeling. He doesn’t understand why she did what he did.”

Abrams is expected to be charged today.