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10th Aug 2018

This school made their girl’s bathroom body positive and it’s fantastic

Melissa Carton

This is a brilliant idea!

This secondary school in the States decided to make the girl’s bathroom body positive and I think it’s something that all schools should try.

The Texas school used a very simple method to remind their female students that they don’t need to be perfect to be great.

Warren Middle School painted the stalls of the girl’s bathroom with positive messages to remind them that our uniqueness is what makes us.

Among the quotes were ‘your mistakes don’t define you’ and ‘real girls aren’t perfect, perfect girls aren’t real.’

Teenage girls are more likely to suffer from conditions like body dysmorphia than any other demographic with approximately two out of every 100 young girls admitting to having had anorexia and four out of 100 admitting to have suffered from bulimia.

The pressures young woman put on themselves to be perfect are only exacerbated by comparing themselves to what they see on social media.

Between exam anxiety and the struggles of peer pressure, teens girls are extremely vulnerable and this school’s idea is one I think more school should implement, but for all students, male and female.

Although girls are more likely to suffer from body issues, boys are not immune and often are less likely to seek help than their female counterparts.

With initiatives like buddy benches and the Amber Flag thriving in Irish schools, this idea is one I think would be very successful over on this side of the pond.