Tween and teen skin: How to tackle troublesome breakouts and the ONE product to buy 2 years ago

Tween and teen skin: How to tackle troublesome breakouts and the ONE product to buy

Growing up is difficult enough without the added worry of breakouts or troublesome skin.

Problematic skin in teens is primarily due to fluctuating hormones and while for many adolescents, the odd blemish is inevitable, there are ways to help balance the skin during this time.

And although we all have different skin types, requiring different products, most teens will experience breakouts, congestion or oiliness at some stage during adolescence.

More severe skin problems can lead to scarring and long-term imperfections and some of these issues can stay with us into our later years. However, managing these problems as they arise can have a positive impact down the line.

Here is what Avène’s Pharmacy Consultant Laura Dowling – aka ‘Fabulous Pharmacist’ – has to say about  her top tips for dealing with hormonal changes in the skin.

  1. Wash

Wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser, made specifically for blemish-prone skin. It is important to clean the skin of any oil, dirt and sweat as a build-up of these can block pores and cause blemishes and spots to develop.

Over-washing your skin, however, can be detrimental as it can strip it of its natural oils and cause the overproduction of sebum causing more blemishes.

  1. Don’t pick

It may require willpower, but it is so much better for your skin in the long term if you can avoid picking or squeezing spots and blemishes as doing so can spread bacteria and cause scarring.

  1. Moisturise

Moisturise your skin with a gentle moisturiser suitable for sensitive, blemish-prone skin such as Avène’s Cleanance Comedomed. Many people think that because spots look angry that they should be using harsh products on their skin. Actually, the opposite is true. Harsh products can strip the skin of its natural oils. Avene Cleanance Comedomed is a gentle, multi-action product that reduces existing blemishes as well as limiting the appearance of new ones.

  1. Clean Clothes

Ensure you are wearing fresh, clean clothes every day and cool, cotton nightwear can help to prevent breakouts on the body. If you wear a hat or helmet during sports or when cycling, disinfect it daily.

  1. Limit makeup

Make-up can clog pores and aggravate blemish-prone skin. Avoiding the use of foundation is preferable but if you must wear it chose a light texture and cleanse off thoroughly before bed.

Avène Cleanance Comedomed is priced at €22 and is available from pharmacies nationwide.