The first trailer for Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club reboot is here 6 months ago

The first trailer for Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club reboot is here

"It all started at the very beginning of seventh grade..."

Look lads, we know. We're sick of reboots too.

We're sick of the new casts. We're sick of the nostalgia. We're sick of the retelling of stories for the new generation when really, what we'd all like are some new stories for the new generation.

It's the least they deserve, and yet here we are, get hyped over another reboot of a children's TV classic, as if it's a new show and not another reboot or reunion or re-telling of a story that we've already heard multiple times but listen, sure what can you do?

All there is left to do is accept that new content is rare in this life, and if a reboot of the Baby-Sitters Club is going to be a shining beacon of light in this godforsaken world, then I guess we'll have to take it.

The first official trailer for the Netflix retelling of the iconic story (with the iconic phone) is here and in fairness, it just as wholesome as you'd expect.


Kristy, Claudia, Stacey, Mary-Ann, and Dawn (name more middle American 80s girls names, we dare you) are the official members of the club, and they're on a mission to do everything in their power to sit some babies, flirt with some boys, and cause some mischief.

It's a coming of age tale for kids. What else were you expecting?

Based on the incredibly successful book series by Ann M Martin, the new series is sure to incite nostalgia in even the most anti-reboot among us.

And c'mon, it'll be something nice to watch. Makes a change from all of those true crime documentaries keeping you up at night.

The Baby-Sitters Club will be streaming on Netflix on July 3. 

You can check out the trailer below: