Two-thirds of young people say coffee makes them feel grown up and sophisticated 1 year ago

Two-thirds of young people say coffee makes them feel grown up and sophisticated

Is your teen a coffee addict?

It's hard to scroll through social media these days without seeing a photo of someone's latte art or their reusable coffee cup, and I won't lie, I'm guilty of it too.

I love coffee and I love letting everyone know that I do.

Teens and young adults in particular recently revealed in a new study that not only do they share photos of their coffee on social media, but they feel they have to in order to look cool.

Younger coffee drinkers, between their teens and early twenties, enjoy coffee for more than just the taste with two-thirds (66 per cent) saying it makes them feel grown-up and sophisticated.

However, their coffee must look the part with nearly half (49 per cent) of this cohort claiming they need their coffee to look good so they can share it on social media with 68 per cent even saying social media influences the coffee they drink.


It's not all about looking the part among this age group with 78 per cent of 18-24-year-olds claiming they actively seek coffee that is sustainably sourced with only 42 per cent of over 25s doing the same.

Commenting on the research findings Julie Murray, Head of Coffee Culture at Bewley’s UK & Ireland said;

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we have been loyally serving them for over 180 years. It's great to see the importance of sustainability to the younger coffee drinkers. This has been a focus for us for a long time, our coffee is served in 100% compostable cups and is 100% Fairtrade certified. We are also proud that we are the first Carbon Neutral coffee roastery in Ireland. Over 180 years on from our beginnings we still love tea and coffee. It’s our passion and producing reports like this ensures we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to providing for our customers”

The survey also found that Irish adults drink an average of three cups of coffee per day, with up to 41 per cent saying that coffee is an essential part of their day.