YouTube Kids TV App is a handy new feature for parents 11 months ago

YouTube Kids TV App is a handy new feature for parents

A really handy new feature.

Long gone are the days were kids will wait until the following day to watch the next episode of their favourite show.

If it's not on demand, they're not interested, which is why this new feature from Virgin is a life-saver.


Virgin Media recently launched YouTube Kids on the Virgin TV 360 platform.

YouTube Kids is an app which gives parents greater peace of mind and more control over their children's viewing habits.

The app lets parents and kids access a wide range of age-appropriate content across a number of popular genres and is divided into key segments including Shows, Music, Explore and Gaming.


Families who are already users of the YouTube Kids can simply sign into their account. If you’re new to YouTube Kids, setting up is super easy and user-friendly.

The app allows you to select your preferred content level setting from ‘Preschool’ (ages 4 and under), ‘Younger’ (ages 5-8) and ‘Older’ (ages 9-12).

This selection will help to decide the types of videos available to users of the app.

You also get peace of mind, knowing that the content they’re seeing is family-friendly based on a mix of automated filters built by YouTube Kids engineering teams, human review and feedback from parents to protect young users online.

You can explore the YouTube Kids app on your Virgin TV by going to the Apps section on the main menu and you’ll see YouTube Kids listed in the ‘Our Selection’ section.