Virgin River season 4 set to start filming very soon 1 year ago

Virgin River season 4 set to start filming very soon

Here. We. Go.

Fans of the hugely popular Netflix series Virgin River will be over the moon to know that filming for the fourth season of the show will take place very soon.

Actor Tim Matheson, who plays the town's physician Doc Mullins told Radio Times that the cast and crew are getting ready to start filming shortly.

When asked about production dates, Matheson said: "Well, Netflix is quite quiet about that. I just hesitate to say anything that they might get upset."

He did stipulate however, that he understands filming is due to take place "any day now".

Matheson's comments follow previous suggestions that the fourth season of Virgin River would begin before the end of this month and finish up some time around November.

On top of that, Virgin River's showrunner Sue Tenney has hinted that the writers are already working hard on the next installment.


Tenney spoke about how she understands fans need an update following the dramatic conclusion to the third season.

Virgin River viewers will remember (and spoiler alert here, lads), that the last season ended with Hope (Annette O'Toole) sustaining a severe brain injury from a car accident.

Tenney said: "We're very committed to what the truth of something is, so we'll go to the edge of what's the best recovery for this."

The showrunner added that it was important for the show to be grounded in reality, but heavy on the drama.

She added: "We always stick with the parameters, medically, but also we know at this point what we like to do, which are complicated, emotionally drama-based stories."

While a release date for the fourth season has not been given, we'll be keeping an ear to the ground for any and all updates. Until then, the first three seasons of Virgin River are available to stream on Netflix.