6 classic Halloween moments that every kid and every parent knows 4 years ago

6 classic Halloween moments that every kid and every parent knows

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I won that barmbrack ring years ago and still no wedding.

Starting to get a little suspicious that it was all just a myth...

Well, whether or not you believe in the barmbrack ring tradition, it still wasn't proper Halloween unless you had people fighting over the ring.

The barmbrack is a tradition that still lives on, no matter what age you are. However, there are some things that stopped as we got older and became just memories from our childhood Halloweens. But what memories they were.

You know you had a top quality childhood if you can remember even half the Halloweeny things on this list.

1. Bobbing for apples 

Ah yes. The memories of getting a face full of water taking a bite out of an apple that someone had already bitten, in a tub of water that was most likely filled with other kids' spit. Kinda gross to remember, but the absolute best fun at the time.


2. Plastic vampire teeth

The worst quality, of course. These teeth were always way too big for you so would have spit pooling at the bottom of them after just a few seconds. Lovely. Plus the plastic edges were always pretty sharp and would cut the edge of your gums. Not a comfortable costume prop but absolutely essential for scaring the neighbours.

3. The monkey nut neighbour

Everyone had one. You know the type. When you'd show up at their door in your adorable little costumes and shout out the required "TRICK-OR-TREAT", they'd hold out a big bowl filled with... monkey nuts. Not even monkey nuts and sweets, just nuts. Then they'd expect you to thank them like they just did you a favour! This was the "trick" part of Halloween.

4. The make-shift bin bag outfit

Ah yes, the early days before you really started putting effort into your Halloween costumes. You could create literally any costume out of this one household essential. Your parents would roll out the bin bags, rip three holes in it, and then pull it over you head. Bam. Instant witch costume. All you need is a pointed hat.


And bonus - these high-fashion outfits would keep you dry when the weather got a bit drizzly (and in Ireland, the weather always gets a bit drizzly.

5. Witch fingers

Another crucial addition to the bin bag witch costume were the plastic witch fingers. These fingers were never, EVER the right size. They were way too big for you until one year you tried them and they wouldn't fit on at all. They were also quite like socks - at least one always went missing. You'd have to strategically place them on whichever fingers you thought would be seen the most. Plus, you got the added extra treat of them getting all wet and sweaty after about two seconds of being worn. Just what you want from a costume, really.

6. Bartering with your Halloween sweets

So, you've been trick-or-treating. Now it's time to dump your collection on the living room floor and see what the spoils are like this year.

You friends/siblings do the same beside you and both of you eye up the other person's pile. Your monkey nuts are useless but you THINK you might be able to negotiate a fudge/drumstick swap. Though drumsticks are Halloween gold so you might need to throw in a bag of buttons to sweeten the deal.


Serious business dealings went on this night.

Now you're all grown up and these are just memories from the past. For you, at least. But the little ones are building memories and traditions of their own. While allergy awareness has largely reduced the number of monkey-nut neighbours (woohoo!), the sweets bartering is still going strong.

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Brought to you by Costcutter.

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