Why this mum refuses to buy her four-year-old Christmas presents 5 years ago

Why this mum refuses to buy her four-year-old Christmas presents

"Kids should only get presents when they deserve them, not on a specific day."

Mila Kunis recently admitted that her two children won't be getting gifts this Christmas as they're too young to appreciate them and doesn't want them to be spoiled.

It appears that she's not alone in this as a mum in the UK has also said that she doesn't give her daughter Christmas presents.

Jess Wolfe, who is mum to four-year-old Lena, told the Sun that her own mother shaped her attitude towards gift-giving.

"There wasn’t a lot of money around and I think she desperately wanted to give us a load of presents, but couldn’t afford it," she said of her childhood Christmases.

"I grew up up associating Christmas with stress, and I vowed that when I had kids, I would not celebrate it."

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She also believes that the occasion has become too commercialised and that kids are given far too much.

"That is such a waste, and it’s raising kids to be way too materialistic.

"To me, the important things in life are food, water and shelter – everything else is a luxury that should be earned."

She says that she's explained why they don't celebrate Christmas to Lena and that the little girl has never questioned it.

Unlike other families, Jess and Lena spend Christmas day doing ordinary things they enjoy like going to the park.

"I hope it means that she will be a much more balanced person as a result, who will appreciate the things she has.

"I don’t need a mass of presents under the tree and the house full of twinkling lights to show her how much I love her."

Jess also argues that the spirit of Christmas should count all year round.

"Surely we should have the Christmas spirit and be charitable and kind to each other every single day of the year?"