Sooooo Apparently We've Been 'Doing' Peanut Butter Wrong Forever 7 years ago

Sooooo Apparently We've Been 'Doing' Peanut Butter Wrong Forever

Attention peanut butter devotees, new information has come to light that may SHOCK you... apparently, we've been storing peanut butter wrong this whole time.


So according to the PB aficionados over at PureWow, jars of natural peanut butter were NEVER intended to be stored upright but in fact upside-down. Face. Palm.

The 'science' behind this storage solution is that the oils of the PB gather at the top of the jar so by storing the jar upside-down, this allows the oil to distribute more evenly and keeps the PB fresher for longer.

While this is indeed a helpful tip and no one likes a dried out old jar of peanut butter, I think there is actually a far more pressing matter to be discussed around the peanut butter jar issue: jar shape.


Frankly, the jar shape is a goddamn disaster. We need completely straight sides on the jar in order to access ALL of the precious nut butter, how can the jar engineers NOT see this. We need to start a petition – who's with me?

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