Back-to-school time is hectic: WIN a break from it all with WellKid's hotel stay giveaway 3 years ago

Back-to-school time is hectic: WIN a break from it all with WellKid's hotel stay giveaway

Brought to you by WellKid

We forgot just how stressful back-to-school time can be.

For us parents, we mean. The kids love it - they won't start complaining about school for at least another month. As for us though, we certainly need a break.

We thought you might as well, so we've teamed up with WellKid, who are all about staying happy and healthy all through the year. That includes parents too! So they've decided to send a lucky couple out there off on their own little break away from the little ones. Mums and dads need their own holidays too.

WellKid is sending two parents on a little two-night stay at the Talbot Hotel in Carlow to get some much-needed rest for a weekend. Settle down in their comfy beds, put your feet up, order room service, put on a movie, or just sleep for the entire time - do whatever you need to do to get yourself feeling great again.

Dinner is included one of the nights, so you can dress up fancy and feast on a delicious meal from the restaurant menu. Why not get yourself a bottle of wine too - you deserve it.

Looking after kids can be draining - you want to make sure they get the best that the world can give them in every aspect of life. Sometimes all that extra effort can take a toll on you so it's good to have a break now and then.

At least there's one thing that's easy to look after and that's your little one's vitamin intake. At a young age, kids are interested in all foods and love playing outside so they do get a lot of those vitamins naturally but it's always handy to make sure you're staying on top of it with a daily vitamin supplement.


WellKid vitamins are filled with a range of vitamins, including vitamin D and iron. Vitamin D is crucial for the normal growth and development of bones in children and goodness knows we need a little bit of help getting that old Vitamin D in cloudy Ireland, especially when you're stuck in school all day. Iron contributes to normal cognitive development in children, so also a good one for when your little one is getting back to the school books.

You can pick up WellKid vitamins at any good pharmacy and they can also be found in many supermarkets or health food shops. They should be taken daily and come in both liquid and jelly versions.

For now, though, just think about yourself and the relaxing time you could have on this hotel getaway. To be in with a chance to win, fill out the form below.

Don't forget to look after yourselves too, Mums and Dads.




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Brought to you by WellKid

The WellKid vitamin range for children provides great all-round, carefully balanced formulas for your kids aged 4-12 years. If you're looking for a comprehensive formula with more than vitamins A, C and D, the WellKid range of children's vitamins has it covered. Available from leading pharmacies, supermarkets, and health food stores nationwide.