Dirt and clutter be gone! WIN a hamper full of cleaning essentials 1 year ago

Dirt and clutter be gone! WIN a hamper full of cleaning essentials

Brought to you by Killeen. 

Au revoir to mess!

Yep, we’re sick of our bedroom looking a state, the kitchen being off-limits and the kids playroom being littered with mud, crumbs and sticky toys. And even when we go to reach for the perfect cleaning products, we find we’ve run out.

Well, for those of you who appreciate fresh aromas, zero clutter and LOTS of room to breathe, relax and enjoy the precious place you call home, Killeen are helping us here at Her to give away a giant hamper full of cleaning goods. (Our secret OBSESSION with all things spick and span will resurface once more!)

No matter how dirty the cleaning job, Killeen has something we need. Between their no-messing-about products like cloths, scourers, gloves and refuse sacks — we're sorted. You might especially need Killeen's revolutionary (and brand-new!) Grippaz Gloves.

They make everything from household chores to food prep. and DIY SO MUCH easier. They're lightweight, strong and specially formulated to feel snug but with optimal flexibility. The superb grip is brilliant for tackling the most tedious, fiddly or greasy jobs at home too.

Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom or garden that needs taking care of, nothing cleans like Killeen! So fill in the little form below to try and get your mitts on the handy hamper.

Brought to you by Killeen