Aldi's velvet storage stools are coming back and we are obsessed 2 years ago

Aldi's velvet storage stools are coming back and we are obsessed

Ah, the velvet storage stool.

An incredible product, a reliable seat, a means of storing things in your home that you otherwise don't have place for.

The Aldi velvet storage stool has been making waves for quite some time now (approximately eight months, if you're counting).

It only makes sense then that upon news of the stool's return to Aldi stores across the country, we would be enthralled, excited, and eagerly planning our trip to the shop to go and buy one once they go on sale.

The stool, that is. Not the velvet chair above. That unfortunately, is just for show.

Here's the pink stool, looking stunning:

And here's the blue one, also looking stunning:


A divine pair, the two of them.

The stools are priced at €29.50 and are ideal as footrest, extra seat or extra storage. The turnover lid converts the stool to a small table with wipeable top.

It's got gold hairpin legs, is 100 percent polyester, and is velvet. Don't think we mentioned that one. Because it is. Velvet.

The stools will be available in navy, royal blue or pink on September 17 across Aldi stores.

They are, of course, going to run out of stock soon so if you fancy getting your mitts on one, you know what to do.

... (Get there early and buy yourself one.)