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10th Oct 2023

Genius hacks for removing grass stains as kid’s team sports return

Sophie Collins

“You’ll thank us later”

The new school year is well upon us now, so the kids will likely be spending a lot more time training if they’re on a school sports team.

Every parent will have encountered the battle to remove grass stains from trousers, tops, dresses and shoes.

It’s a notoriously difficult stain to get out, but they’re so common that parents have been coming up with their own remedies over the years.

We asked the HerFamily readers to let us in on their secrets to save you dumping clothes over the summer.

Many mums seemed to be in agreement with one trick: “The green fairy liquid, cold water and a toothbrush.. You’ll thank us later.”

Another parent swears by one-stop spray alternative and wrote: “Stain remover spray from amazing stuff.”

Meanwhile others had more in depth routines for keeping clothes pristine with their little ones.

One said: The Fairy Green Original washing up liquid, (dish soap) add a bit to stain before wash and scrub, it takes out all types of stains and makes whites so bright.

“I always put a little squeeze in my washing machine load, you will do the same after trying this.”

Another said that “Vanish Carpet stain remover is amazing.”

Let us know here if you have any other quick fixes.